Help a Fella Out, Would Ya

People That I Would Love to Work With

  • A site designer. I'm a coder (back-end guy), and need someone to make this site sing, pun intended. The site is developed in Drupal 8 and therefore uses TWIG. If you know TWIG, or are really committed to learning it, please get in touch. Experience would be nice, but being as there's no money on offer (at this time, but hopefully that will change), I'm more than willing to talk to a newbie. But there's no chance of me re-working the site to suit your Wordpress or whatever skills, sorry. Learn TWIG. I hear it's awesome. Send me an email, and I'll even suggest a book for you.
  • Songwriters willing to act as Mentors in whatever capacity that turns out to be. In the time I've been actively thinking, planning, writing about and shooting videos for this website, I've noticed a very interesting shift in my learning process. Even though I'm trying to TEACH others the little that I know, I'm noticing that my own songwriting technique is expanding, refining and improving. And I bet you may find Mentoring to be have this perhaps-unexpected reward for you, too. Yeah, I'd love Macca to teach a course - and believe me when I say that I WILL be asking him and other big name writers - but honestly, I can probably use you no matter what your experience. Just being a Collaborator maybe all that someone needs to get the moving or improving. But there are a gazillion non-big names out there that have A LOT to offer. I bet that YOU might be one of them. Get in touch. Please.
  • Video Editors. Yeah, I probably could shoot and edit everything myself. But one good thing about being old(er) is a little bit of wisdom finally breaks through, and I admit that this website will achieve so much more if YOU'RE helping me out in the video world. So whatcha got for me? Get in touch.
  • Podcast people. I know nothing about how to create and market a podcast. That's YOUR job. Help me out.
  • Coders. I'm the world's best coder, IMHO! I've been doing it on and off since 1983 - can you say that? But I can't do it all myself. Do you know PHP? Drupal? Send me a note. I'll buy you a beer and we can talk.
  • Marketers
  • A Tax Professional. I'm pretty good making entries into QuickBooks, but I make no pretense at being any good at this stuff. Perhaps Rinky Roadshow will become a non-for-profit? I'm certainly in this to make more than a small salary.
  • Legal Help. Yeah, we're going to need some at some point.

I haven't even discussed money anywhere on this site at this time, but obviously, an adventurous site such as this is going to need some kind of money flowing in to support the inevitable outflows of the stuff. I envision a free section of the site with a paid area for premium content. But who knows.

But at this moment, there is NO money for ANYONE, including Ole Rinky Himself. What there is is a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to get involved at the ground floor here, and really influence our direction and mission.

I'm pretty easy to work with. I'm very appreciative of those who help me. (I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm the best boss to work with ever. Really. That's happened.) Yeah, I can get cranky once in a while, but I say sorry quickly, and mean it. I don't bite. And I'm very loyal. And if you have a good idea, I can have my mind changed. I strongly believe in collaboration.

Send me a message through the Contact page. I don't need you to re-work you resume. Just tell me who you are, what you think you can do for Rinky Roadshow. And let's chat.

Here's What I'm Thinking

This is a new project for me, as of May 2018, and I most definitely have strong opinions about what I want to see here. But it's very important to me that Rinky Roadshow out-lives me. (If you don't understand why I'm saying that, check out the About page.)

I want to hear from experienced songwriters who feel they can be generous with their time and knowledge, and supportive of our Community members. Some of the things I feel that could be developed that would be beneficial to others:

  • In-depth discussions of such topics such as
    • Chord progressions
    • Melody selection
    • Lyric writing
    • Bridges / Middle-8s
    • How instrument selection influences songwriting
    • Technology
  • Song Analasis
    • Take a song apart and see what the writer did
    • Even better if we can get the songwriter her/himself to show us
  • Playing Live
    • Finding and rehearsing musicians
    • Where to play, how to find gigs for your original music
    • The emotional side of this - how to deal with nerves, how to gratefully accept your musician's contributions.
  • Rinky Roadshow hits the road
    • To me, this is one of the most interesting parts of the Rinky Roadshow concept. Live shows based on an open mic show, ....... (expand on this)

There are also some ideas about organization and collaboration that I don't wish to discuss publicly at this time

What are YOU Thinking?

Speak your mind.

What would YOU like to see me include in this website? And the traveling Roadshows?